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What To Do After A DUI Stop

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Driving Under The Influence

What Should I Do If I Am Stopped After Using Drugs Or Alcohol:

Being stopped for a traffic violation can be nerve-racking regardless of the reason. If you are stopped after consuming drugs or alcohol, I tell my clients to remember their HANDS. I use this acronym so they can remember their 5th Amendment rights when looking at their 5 fingers and it stands for the following:

Hand over your identification calmly and respectfully.

Ask if you are under arrest.

Never agree to sobriety, breath, blood, or drug tests.

Demand you speak with an attorney.

State that you are invoking your 5th Amendment right to Silence.

If you are arrested, remain silent until your attorney can assist you. Keep in mind, if no statements are made, then no statements can be used against you.