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An Experienced DUI Attorney Fighting For You

Being arrested for a DUI is a stressful time. In addition to facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you must protect your driving privileges within 7 days of your arrest. So, don’t delay contacting Abby D. Brown Law Office, PLLC to protect your driving rights and freedoms. I am ready to help!

Innovative Strategies For First Time DUI Charges

I understand the stress you are going through facing criminal charges, especially for the first time. I have handled many first-time DUI charges with great success.  At Abby D. Brown Law Office, PLLC, you are in good hands. I will treat you with care and compassion, using effective strategies to help you navigate the legal system.

Representation In Felony DUI Cases

I have experience handling all types of DUI cases. This may not be your first time having been arrested for a DUI. I am experienced defending the rights of individuals facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges. I have learned effective ways to craft effective defenses to protect your rights.

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