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A Former Prosecutor Who Knows What It Takes To Win

Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer, I worked in the District Attorney’s Office prosecuting the types of offenses that I now defend. During my time there, I realized that justice is not always applied equally or fairly. I felt sympathy for a lot of the people I was charged with prosecuting and eventually decided it was time to leave. When I changed the course of my career and began defending people against criminal charges, I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. I now use my in-depth knowledge of how the prosecutor’s office operates and put it to work for my clients. I have now successfully tried more than 50 jury and bench trials.

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Abby D. Brown

Working My Way Up The Ladder

My legal career in law began as a receptionist at a law firm. After a short time in that position, I realized that I enjoyed law and that I could do the work. While working as a receptionist, I earned a Paralegal Associate’s degree and then worked at the Texas Supreme Court. My path took me to law school, and I started my career as a lawyer doing litigation in the District Attorney’s Office. At this time I have successfully tried more than 50 jury and bench trials, but I have not forgotten humble beginnings as a receptionist. I empathize with clients at every level of society.

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